LIQUID by Quoine

Review and Analysis Of The LIQUID Platform by Quoine

The LIQUID platform is a globally recognized and fast-growing platform that aims at building cryptocurrency liquidity through the QASH token. As a financial utility, the LIQUID platform by Quoine will play a vital role in transforming cryptocurrency into being the future of the financial world. Liquidity has been a major limiting factor to the cryptocurrency's ecosystem across the globe.

An Overview of the LIQUID Platform

Liquidity is very essential to basically every financial transaction. This is particularly important to the world of cryptocurrency as it is one of the world's fastest growing financial service with more and more cryptocurrency tokens making way to the market on a daily basis. However, the world of cryptocurrency tokens is lacking liquidity and this may pose a problem to the seemingly bright future of cryptocurrency. This is what Quoine through building a financial utility is bringing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This way, both users and token holders can benefit largely from this LIQUID platform.

Quoine in June 2017 launched Qryptos - a digital cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, which formed the basis of the Quoine LIQUID platform to ensure that there is liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Providing a World Book, which comprises of unit value of all cryptocurrencies, national currencies, and blockchain networks, the liquid system allows for payment to be liquidated within the cryptocurrency atmosphere.

The LIQUID platform uses all exchange liquidity sources by taking a trader's order of any unit of value available on the trading liquidity pool. This platform having access to the top and leading cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe, allows each cryptocurrency exchange to partner with each other in trading activities with users and investors alike to attain more liquidity instead of competing against each other.

The Prime Brokerage

Quoine understands that for effective growth of the LIQUID platform, the Prime Brokerage is very helpful particularly to its QASH token sale. The Prime Brokerage's fiat management services and its well developed and effective reporting system is highly needed by the LIQUID platform of Quoine to effectively provide liquidity to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Prime Brokerage as an associated suite of services creates a global network across cryptocurrency trading and exchanges. This way, all markets trading and exchanging cryptocurrency can be effectively liquidated. With the Prime Brokerage, token users, token holders, token issuers, and innovators can benefit largely from, and contribute to the LIQUID platform's Initial Coin Offerings.

The Quoine and Bitfinex Partnership

Quoine, recorded to be the leading global fintech company, partnered with Bitfinex which is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. The effect of this partnership is numerous. The most important advantage of this partnership is that the Quoine and Bitfinex partnership will improve the LIQUID platform. It will result in an increase in liquidity across cryptocurrency exchange and fiat marketing. Also this partnership will increase liquidity of token issuers in adopting Initial Coin Offerings, project financing and the discovery of price. Liquidation through this partnership will facilitate the Initial Coin Offerings being the best source of raising funds in the coming future. The Quoine and Bitfinex partnership being one of trust is driven by one common purpose, which is to develop a cryptocurrency world that is adequately liquidated. The QASH token by Quoine, will provide a wide range of choices for Bitfinex customers at a very low and affordable rate on the LIQUID platform.

The LIQIUD Platform Token [QASH TOKEN]

Seeing to develop its own blockchain to be named the QASH blockchain, the LIQUID platform by Quoine is recorded to be the first licensed cryptocurrency trading and exchange company to launch its Initial Coin Offerings called the QASH Token Sale in Japan. In developing this blockchain, the LIQUID platform is striving to standout from other existing blockchains by providing highly sophisticated financial tools aside the usual payment and transfer tools.

The LIQUID platform is aware of the cyber hacks and scam experienced daily by token issuers, and is taking steps to ensure its QASH token is well secured. In doing this, the LIQUID platform will ensure that it is mandatory that all token issuers and users have to register Qryptos account through the KYC and two factor authentication process. The QASH token can be used to make payments across all of Quoine platforms as well as other partnership firms. The QASH token seemingly has a bright future, one where it will be competing with top tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Quoine company provides financial services in trading and exchange. In building a world class LIQUID platform that will be highly beneficial to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Quoine combines strategic partnership with its expertise and well versed team of experts. Being the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Japan to have a globally marketable Initial Coin Offering - the QASH Token, Quoine seeks to protect and secure token transactions between users and token issuers.