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The Deal Coin is an upcoming crypto-based loaning platform that targets the global financial market, giving investors all over the world easy access to great business opportunities and deals. Created in 2015, the company's main goal is to create a business ecosystem that caters to investors, entrepreneurs and anyone who's in need of a safe, legal and decentralized platform to loan or borrow money.

In addition to offering start-ups and businessmen a peer-to-peer online lending platform, the Deal Coin has a meticulously planned out transaction system. The network comprises of "Borrowers and Lenders", the former being required to go through thorough security checks and verifications before they are qualified for funding.

How It Works

Members will register on the platform as either Borrowers or Lenders. An online application form built into DAPP (decentralized application) is available for Borrowers to fill with personal information that will be forwarded to the Lenders or "Customers" they are applying to. After the rates and terms have been reviewed, the Lender can decide if they want to liaise with the loan applicant or not. The system is impressively straightforward.

Prior to the DAPP loan application reaching Borrowers, it is securely stored to the company database, where all the information is verified. Lenders also go through identity verification before the system can be open to them to network with Borrowers all over the world and to make Deal contracts.

Deal contract is the legal agreement that allows the flow of money between the investors and Borrowers. Like a normal bank loan, it includes a date for repayment and is protected by blockchain protocols and cybersecurity safeguard. At the end of the Deal contract, Borrowers pay all debts using the DAPP.


The Deal Coin was co-founded by Michael Morrison and Nassim Taleb. The platform has a full team of qualified individuals of which each has a unique role played in the company. Their names and bios are outlined on the website. It is based in the United Kingdom.

Token (Deal Coin)

The platform's token is called Deal Coin (DLSD); an innovative blockchain-based cryptocurrency specific to the system. The token uses an Ethereum protocol called ERC827 for its computing. The ERC827 is a more up-to-date token principle with various functions pertaining to financial transactions and encryption. The token is set to act as a link to every participant of the supply chain.

With Deal Coin, you get easy access to loan opportunities from a wide community of lenders with little restrictions and unlimited transparency.


The Deal Coin ICO is set to launch at the end of the first quarter of 2018, with the pre-sale beginning on March 26th. Payment methods accepted will be Ethereum, Bitcoin and Fiat Currency. During the first pre-sale week, participants will be given a 20% bonus. The second and third pre-sale week (April 2nd and April 9th) will feature a bonus reduction of 15% and 10% respectively. The public token sale commences on the 16th with no bonuses.


The Deal Coin has gained the interest of a significant amount of investors, with over 22,000 already registered to participate. You can register now for the pre sale.


The Deal Coin website is legit and the company has an approved Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Status. Their online site has easy-navigation features with good graphics. The white list is not conspicuous on the website, but interested participants have to register for it at the bottom of the homepage, to receive updates concerning the ICO. has a functional live chat option.


The Deal Coin peer-to-peer lending system was created with the intent to bridge the gap between productive business owners and investors looking to make good value of their money. The ease of access to this platform will likely make it erupt into a highly reputable and globally recognized cryto-based money lending supply chain. We highly encourage anyone with the desire to make worthwhile investments to participate in this ICO.

The intent of the company is admirable and very innovative. Being an active part of a platform like this will broaden your investment and networking options because it is on a global scale.

Another reason why it's a good reason to invest in this ICO is that compared to other similar platforms, the token price is very reasonable (approximately 0.10 USD per DLSD). Moreover, it promises to make available, finances for all sorts of projects - ranging from medical, business launches, technology, international trade and so on.

The Deal Coin is a lending market with great potential and is on its way to becoming a value-adding ecosystem in the world of cryptocurrency.


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